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Are you considering buying your work staff mobile devices? One key consideration before you do will be how you can go about ensuring that these devices will indeed be used for work-related purposes. As much as you trust your workers to use their phones responsibly, you'll always have a few employees who you may need to check up on. This feature can also have great benefits in the sales sector. For example, you may want to coach a sales rep on how to be more successful by listening in on live sales calls.

Because it's so easy to set up, our phone call spying software is an ideal and affordable solution to secretly track and listen to phone calls on your company smartphones as they happen.

How to listen to someone’s cell phone calls conversations?

It's easy for a person in your home to pick up another handset connected to the same line and listen in on in-progress calls. If you want to protect a specific conversation, go around and collect the handsets that are connected on the phone line. When you're done with the conversation, you can put them back in place and plug them in again.

One way to prevent eavesdropping software from being installed on your mobile phone is to put a password on it. No one should be able to open your phone and install apps without your permission. If you notice an app that you don't recognize, delete it and consider installing a fresh copy of your operating system on the phone.

How to listen to cell phone calls?

Change your password regularly and only share your mobile phone with people you trust. With the right apps, you can place encrypted phone calls, which lessen the chances of another person listening in. Apps like RedPhone, Silent Phone and Cellcrypt all give this extra protection between two users that both have the app. Chances are it was an accident. It is no secret that we use our cell phones way too much.

We have become too dependent on these devices and their capabilities. That is to say, if someone wanted to, they could listen in on your conversations , read your messages, and yes, even monitor your location through GPS.

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There are a lot of reasons someone might want to listen in on your phone calls. This list is a few simple ways to check for a possible cell phone tap.

Part 1: How to Listen to Cell Phone Calls Remotely with FlexiSPY

One indicator of a possible phone tap is the temperature of your battery. If it feels warm, this means your phone could be still in use, even if you are not on a call. Please note however that heat may be from overuse. Your battery being hot is only a potential sign if your phone has been powered down for a while. Having to charge your cell phone more often than normal is another potential sign.

3 Easiest Ways to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

When a cell phone is tapped it loses its battery life faster. A tapped cell phone is constantly recording conversations in the room, even when the phone appears to be idle.

When shutting down your phone, if you face issues such as a delay, the back light remaining lit for a time after being shut down, or refusal to shut off, your phone could be tapped. Always be aware of inexplicable activity on your phone.