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Apple App Store. Learn how to change the App Store settings on your iPhone 6s Plus. A visual walkthrough for uninstalling an app or widget from your iPhone 6s Plus. Delphi Connect. Device Switch. Field Force Manager. Find My iPhone. Airtime usage when removing or canceling applications. IBM MaaS Syncing with iTunes Here's how to sync the contacts, calendar, etc.

You can then set up your device as new or restore it from a backup. Syncing with iTunes - Photos. Unable to Sync with iTunes - Photos. Find out how to add layers to Maps to view current traffic on your iPhone 6s Plus. A visual guide on how to navigate to a location using Maps on your iPhone 6s Plus. Download and Install App - MobileIron. Setup App Control - MobileIron. Follow Customer's Cases - MobileIron. Manage Labels - MobileIron. By default, kids under 13 have to ask to buy or download if they're part of Family Sharing.

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Parents have the option to set up Ask to Buy for kids under Within Screen Time, you can control lots of elements of your kid's phone — everything from restricting access to mature websites to allowing a little more device time for your kid on the weekends. Q: How do I limit the times of day my kid can use her phone, like during homework and at bedtime? Downtime is best used for a regular span of time, but you can adjust that chunk of time on various days.

It's probably most easily applied to bedtime. Set a start and end time. Your kid will get a reminder five minute before Downtime starts. Q: How do I limit access to certain types of apps, like games, or specific apps, like Instagram? This is where you can customize a bit more around specific time limits for particular apps on certain days. So, if your kid spends lots of time on Instagram, you can give her 30 minutes Monday through Friday and one hour on the weekends. For a specific app, tap a category to access a drop-down menu of specific apps and websites that fall into that category.

Q: Is there a way to let my kid access the stuff on her phone that I don't mind for her to access, even at bedtime? If your kid uses music or a meditation app to help them go to sleep, you can allow those apps—and only those apps—even during Downtime. Tap the green plus sign next to the apps you want your kids to be able to access during Downtime.

Q: Is there a way to control my kid's Contacts list and who can call them during Downtime? Lets you control your kid's contacts list, set up who can contact them during Downtime, and prevent them from making changes.

Controlling your kid's list of contacts won't prevent them from friending people on social media apps, but it will limit the people they can communicate with via phone Message, AirDrop, and FaceTime. Toggle off Allow Contact Editing if you don't want your kid to make changes. Tap Allow Introductions in Groups if you want to be able to add contacts or family members to group conversations. Q: I'm afraid to hand over a phone because of all the mature content that's out there.

Is there a way to limit my kids' access to it? Lets you adjust ratings on content like movies and books and restrict access to certain websites. The ability to choose ratings for movies or allow movies at all , choose "clean" music, and create a list of websites your kid can access won't prevent them from ever seeing or hearing anything objectionable, but it will limit their direct access on their own devices.

Choose your settings for the level of mature content your kid can see in music, movies, apps, and more. Tap Web Content to choose settings limiting access to adult websites or to create a list of websites you'll allow. Q: Is there a way to make sure my kid got home safely? What about if my kid can't find her phone? Tap Share My Location and toggle it on if you want to see your kid's location.

Tap Don't Allow Changes if you don't want your kid to be able to change these settings. Tap other app titles to control whether or not those apps can access your kid's location. Q: Is there a way to make sure my kid can't change the password or Touch ID to unlock the phone?


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Even with the remote controls Screen Time gives you, you still want to be able to access your kids' devices, so if you want to maintain a shared passcode, you can make sure they can't change it. Explore the other settings to see if there are other settings you want to lock.

How To Hide ANY App On Your iPhone (Hide Messages, Snapchat , Photos, Etc...) (NO Jailbreak)

Q: I'd love to check in with my family every week to talk about how much we're all using devices. Is there an easy way to do that? Approaching device use as a team and setting goals to reach together—if you feel things are out of balance—can be a great way to use the time tracking Screen Time offers. Setting up your kid's device is only one step in a process that includes an ongoing conversation with your kid.

And it's worth noting that there are ways kids have found to get around Screen Time, including but not limited to :.

Find the serial number or IMEI on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Changing the date and time to reset how much time they have you can prevent this by setting a Screen Time passcode on their phone. Downloading a previously installed and approved app to circumvent a time limit you can block the App Store, but then no apps will update. And it's not just Screen Time: Kids have a knack for hacking most parental controls or Googling to see how to do it. So, after you set up your kid's phone, remember that your relationship with your kid is going to be the most powerful tool you have in keeping them responsible and safe.

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Parenting, Media, and Everything In Between. Learn how to set up Family Sharing, Screen Time, and more. A: Set up Screen Time. Here's why you want to: Lets you block or limit apps. Lets you control your kid's contacts. Gives you an idea of how your kid is using the phone. Stops them from making changes to the settings. How to set up Screen Time on your kid's device: Tap Settings. Tap Screen Time. Tap "This is My Child's iPhone. How to set up Screen Time using your device: Tap Settings.

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Tap your Apple ID. On your kid's device, make sure to enter the Apple ID you've created. A: Set up Ask to Buy. Here's why you want to: Lets you approve or deny purchases even when you're not with your kid. Tap Settings. Tap Family Sharing. Tap your kid's name. Tap Ask to Buy. Q: Now how do I limit time and content?

The Best Way to Monitor Your Cell Phone or Tablet

A: Use Screen Time to access all those settings. Here's why you want to: Prevents access to mature content. Limits time using device and particular apps. A: Set up Downtime. Here's why you want to: Stops device use during a set block of time. Tap Downtime.

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Toggle on Block at Downtime. A: Set App Limits. Here's why you want to: Lets you control time limits on particular apps on certain days. Tap App Limits. Tap Add Limit. Tap Next. Set a time, and Customize Days will appear. Tap Customize Days to set specific limits for certain days. Tap the name of the category or app to go back one page. A: Set up Always Allowed. Here's why you want to: Lets you choose specific, approved apps your kid can access any time.

Tap Always Allowed. A: Use Communication Limits. Here's why you want to: Lets you control your kid's contacts list, set up who can contact them during Downtime, and prevent them from making changes. Tap Communication Limits. Toggle on Manage Contacts. Tap During Allowed Screen Time. Tap During Downtime. Tap Specific Contacts to limit who your kid can call during Downtime. Tap Add Contacts. Tap Choose From Your Contacts and make selections. Here's why you want to: Lets you adjust ratings on content like movies and books and restrict access to certain websites. Tap Content Restrictions.

Tap Multiplayer Games if you want to control access to them. Here's why you want to: Keeps track of your kids—and their phones. Tap Location Services and make sure it's toggled on green. Go back to the home screen. Tap the Find My app. Tap Allow While Using App. Tap People or Devices to see their locations. A: Change the setting for Passcode Changes.

Here's why you want to: Prevents kids from changing overall access to the device. Scroll down to Allow Changes. Tap Passcode Changes. Tap Don't Allow. A: Use Share Across Devices. Here's why you want to: Continues a conversation about device use as a family. Tap on Screen Time. Toggle on Share Across Devices.