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So, can we conclude that all programs of this type are malicious and illegal to use? Not exactly this way.

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Tracking or monitoring software is also classified as spyware, but it is widely used all around the world and it is used legally! For example, these programs serve as parental control to prevent children from watching unsuitable content, as well as to track employees in offices in order to provide work time control. Actually, even Windows has the parental control function coming as standard and it works exactly like any other spying software for PC. Is it right or wrong? Tracking software is a type of spyware and some spyware is malware, this is true.

But the key word here is "some". The main difference lies in the way the software is used. Its operation is not limited to collecting data, and this software can be a source of additional threats like theft or data corruption. Computer spying software is installed by a user in order to find out what another user is doing on the PC. In this case, not only the user who installs the program, but also the user who is put under surveillance can be aware of the fact of monitoring.

Who's Spying on Your Computer?

And the monitoring is conducted with the aim to prevent certain threats or to help the user in some other way. You can say that the difference is too vague, and you are right to a degree. Both malicious and legal apps can feature the same functionality; however they all are not alike. Some of the programs are quite versatile, while others are rather specific.

Generally, spy software for computer is able to deliver the following functions:. If you compare this list with the above-mentioned legal methods of application of spy software for PC, you will immediately understand how the same functions can be used for malicious purposes and for a good reason.

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However, you do not give up using matches just because this can cause a fire, do you? Just think of those spies like of defectors that changed the dark side for bright one — you should be careful, but using them is OK.

What does the product do?

As we have already learnt, spyware can be specialized, focusing on a certain area of spying, or it can deliver a complex solution, covering various fields of monitoring. Keylogger is an example of specific software that can spy on computer by capturing and recording keystrokes made by users when they are working on their desktops. The software records the information to a certain file that can be either stored on a local hard drive or sent to a person who arranged the surveillance.

Very Good typing logger, visual surveillance software for Windows XP. Ideal key logger, access control, surveillance and type monitoring tool for Windows XP keyboard recorder. Our key logger is a unique and the most powerful monitoring solution for parental control!!

Advanced key logger is an invisible easy-to-use surveillance tool that records every keystroke to an encrypted log file. The log file can be sent secretly with email to a specified receiver. Key logger also monitors the Internet activity by logging the addresses of visited homepages. It monitors time and title of the active application; even text in editboxes and message boxes is captured.

This program runs on the installed computer, being fully hidden from its users, and logs in a protected file all users' typing that occurs.

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Is your computer being monitored by someone else? Is someone using your computer without your knowledge? Are your children chatting online with the wrong crowd? Need to audit your companies security? Need to keep records to satisfy legal requirements? Advanced spy key logger. Advanced key logger is intended for interception and recording in a file of everything that is entered from the keyboard.

SpyPal PC Keylogger Spy Software

The program is able to work in the hidden mode and to emerge on pressing a combination of keys. Advanced key logger is able to present the recorded data in a neat way that is easy to read but at the same time fixing exactly every event that has been done.

Free Keylogger - Activity Monitoring Software

By constantly using this program you will save your time by preventing accidental data damage and loss that is frequently caused by the use of Internet. You can immediately restore the text which was typed yesterday, the day before yesterday, or one week ago. Advanced key logger will also help to recollect passwords that you have forgotten or to recover lost e-mail. Relieve yourself from accidents!

This key logger - type surveillance software can tell you exactly who is doing what on which PC at any time during the day or night. With this award-winning desktop security monitoring program you will know who is doing what on which PC, and you can, if you wish, even let them know you know.

It uses keystroke logging technology similiar to the the FBI "Magic Lantern" anti-terror virus and is available for the fraction of the cost. Too Good to be True? Check it out! Advanced spy- key logger. Records everything typed, including emails, instant messages, chats, and website addresses into built-in flash memory No new software to install or learn Simple to install, just plug it in Uses no system resources Excellent real-time backup device - key logger.

Keyboard Spy Logger 7.1

Do you want to know what your buddy or colleague is typing? Or perhaps you just want to control your family members - what they are doing on your computer? With Advanced key logger you can make it in 2 minutes! Advanced Key Logger, Free Edition - key logger Advanced Key Logger is intended for interception and recording in a file of everything that is entered from the keyboard. Real Time Spy.