Mobile phone tracking exact location

How do you track phone number locations?

This is not a real-time location tracking solution. Finally, you can safeguard your device against being stolen or lost by using an app like GPS Phone Tracker. The app, once installed, shows you exactly where a cell phone is at all times.

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If a cell phone gets lost, you will be able to see where it fell from your pocket or was left behind from a linked device. If it was stolen, you can share the location information with law enforcement and request them to retrieve your device for you. Movement tracking: You get a notification when a loved one moves from a current destination.

You can also tell how much distance someone still has to cover to reach a destination. Emergency assistance: The app can be configured to send out a distress call.

If the phone's battery is about to die, for example, you can send out an SOS to your family members requesting a pickup at a location. GPS Phone Tracker is a very good way to find a stolen or lost device and keep track of your loved ones. However, the app isn't discreet. If you want to track a cell phone's location anonymously, Spyic is the better option. To track someone's location discreetly and in real-time, you need to turn to a solution like Spyic.

If you want to track an anonymous caller or long-lost friend, WhitePages is your best bet. He loves to write on different topics.

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And yes, the US Supreme Court has ruled that police need a warrant to get this information! That all makes perfect sense. Of course, if the technology exists, the government can get access to it with a warrant.

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  6. There are other tricks they can use to pinpoint your location with even better accuracy, such as by deploying stingray devices near you. These impersonate nearby cellular towers, forcing your phone to connect to them.

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    More US courts are ruling that police need a warrant for this type of tracking, too. Weather apps are particularly bad. You install a weather app and give it access to your location—after all, it needs your location to show you the weather. But, hold on: That weather app is also selling your data to the highest bidder. This is a pattern for weather apps in particular. But Dark Sky can only afford to do that because it charges money for its weather app up-front.