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However, you can If you find yourself emailing the same email over and over again with just a few changes such as new addressees, or if you're constantly replying to messages with the same response, typing it out every time is, well, a waste of time. Spark, a third-party email client for mobil Augmented reality app developer Laan Labs has shared a preview of a beta app that achieves 3D scanning with just an iPhone and produces highly-detailed models for sharing with others. But it might be a while before we see it in the App Store.

According to a tweet from the co As you're surely aware, your phone can be used against you.

Virgin Media: Why is the mobile network down, which areas are affected and when will it be fixed?

Thanks to our cameras and microphones, a clever hacker can obtain access to your device and invade your privacy. But spying isn't limited to just these two sensors — gyroscopes, proximity sensors, QR codes, and even a Setting up a new Android phone can be a pain. Although Google has some automated features, it does not restore everything. When it comes to transferring certain types of data like files and SMS logs, it's even trickier.

By following our steps, you can be sure that you all your Viewing all of the attachments in a message thread within iOS 7 has never been particularly easy. To see every single picture and video dating back to the beginning of the conversation, you have to manually scroll through the entire conversation and refresh it until all of it When it comes to your smartphone, you don't have to be a cheater to want a little privacy.

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Come on. I always feel worse after calling Virgin mobile. After being with virgin for mobile and broadband i am truly disgusted with the service ive recieved today. I rang an number under the pretence it was to be included in my minutes.

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After trying to explain what had happened i was told the terms and conditions in broken record fashion and they would not waiver as a one off even when told i would cancel all services as im at the end of contract if i needed to pay for an honest mistake. No empathy or understanding. Joined virgins media in July and cancelled it within 2 weeks had not even activated my SIM card!

Today I have had to call again after getting passed through different departments and speaking to numerous advisors and getting cut off a few time, took the last advisor 48 minutes to find me on the system and saying the account had already been terminated and she had no answer as to why they still issued another bill! Tell me if this is not sort of harassment then what it is!!!!!!!! I would steer clear and stay away from this company, horroundas customer service.

Absolute rubbish customer service.

Virgin Mobile to increase prices – and furious customers find out during major outage

I not get service i cannot use phone it does not work how you fix this. Just terrible. Coverage is really bad in most areas of greater Manchester. Never recommend it to anyone! Second rate mobile provider with very clunky and disconnected customer service. I switched to Virgin Mobile relatively easily but soon realised that I had no signal inside house.

Eventually solved but many, many hours wasted. WiFi calling is essential to those of us in rural areas where phone signals are low or non existent. Avoid Virgin Mobile! Virgin media mobile recycle what is the point of it requested to get my I phone recycled sent phone back last Saturday they received phone monday morning they sent me another recycle pack Tuesday so I contacted to ask if everything was ok they told me Tuesday in one phone call that they hadn't received my phone even tho I advised them they received it the day previous they then advised me they would check to see what was going on and I would receive payment yesterday and I would get phoned back which I didn't so I contacted them yesterday again to be told oh there's a backlog just wait now I've had a email and text to say they haven't received my phone tried contacting them again and no one is picking up so great service not I know the phones delivered where the hello is my money.

Shame i didnt see these reviews before I ordered my new Phone Customer service in the Philippines was so awful and rude I have not even opened the box which contains the phone and cancelled. How do companies like this still exist??? Literally the worst customer services of any UK company.

Rude, unhelpful and dishonest company. AVOID like the plague. Moved to contract but had to cancel due to wrong SIM and incorrect info, have rang 5 times and complained by e mail but still will not acknowledge cancellation on contract which was only 3 days old, had to cancel with bank.

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Also, how do you expect to makes calls, texts, etc. Anonymous 0. Open browser or select the search button and type the web address, i. You can get a list of the numbers of people you texted and also the times sent and recieved but not the body of the messages. Anonymous 3. If he deleted them ck in archives facebooks new thing is if you hit x to clear it automatically puts it in the archived section. No you cant bcoz it comes up with the last login time and date, and maybe even a security text. Add Your Answer Is there a way to view text messages online virgin?

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Can parents check your messages online with virgin mobile? I want to know if they can check your messages online with the online account. This discussion closely relates to:.

HOW TO BLOCK TEXTS with Virgin Mobile

Can i view or receive a text online? I do not have access to my sim and i need to receive an important text, can i get it sent to my phone and then view it online? Can I read text messages without my phone? Is there any way I can read these messages online? Is it possible to retrieve deleted messages from my virgin mobile phone with out internet information?

I have some messages that I would not like to be viewed by any other people and I would like to delete them off my already deleted list but I do not know how to retrieve that without my internet information from my virgin mobile phone can you help me. My phone is broken in i would like tho check my messages from the computer? Anonymous "How can i see the etxt messages online for virgin mobile cell phone? How can i see the etxt messages online for virgin mobile cell phone? I am trying to get the text message information from my underage daughters cell phone for safety purposes?

Anonymous "From my childs virgin mobil account online? Can i view deleted text messages from my childs virgin Mobil account online? My daughter had deleted messages on her virgin Mobile phone. Can you help us by answering one of these related questions? We need your help! Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them into this question. Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one:.

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