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Windows registry serves as the central hierarchical database used for storing information that is necessary for system configuration. Any incorrect execution on Windows registry is capable of bringing about serious damage to certain registry files. Once the registry files have been corrupted, you may consider finding out efficient solutions to fix a list of mysterious system pops-up, Blue Screen of Death errors and unpredictable system shutdown problems. An efficient method that can help you completely uninstall Real Spy Monitor 2.

The reliable and highly user- friendly uninstall tool comes equipped with a collection of toolkits which have the power to fully uninstall Real Spy Monitor 2. Once you have enabled Wise Uninstaller on your computer, you are empowered to uninstall any types of software completely, without any damage to critical system files. You have two options to uninstall Real Spy Monitor 2. To help you completely uninstall Real Spy Monitor 2. You can follow the steps to uninstall Real Spy Monitor 2. Real Spy Monitor 2.

Preparation before you wish to uninstall Real Spy Monitor 2.

Preparation before you wish to uninstall Real Spy Monitor :

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Login to your Realtime-Spy account and download the logging software. Physically run it on your computer, or send it to the computer for remote installation. Invisible stealth monitoring begins immediately once the install is accepted and completed. View Activity Logs.

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Remotely uninstall when you are done monitoring. Realtime-Spy Logs View Realtime-Spy's Features. Buy Now - Start Monitoring Today.

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Realtime-Spy logs everything users do on your computer. All logs are viewable from anywhere via your secure Realtime-Spy account. Screenshot Viewing Capture and replay screen captures of what the user did. Keystroke Logger Log keystrokes typed on your Mac and view content, window title, and the application they were typed in. Events Timeline Log all activities in a chronological events log for quick viewing of activities as they happen.

Computer Usage Record and track how long users are active on your Mac, and how long they are idle or inactive.

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Email Activity Log all emails typed and view copies of email activity via screen captures so that no communication is untracked. Locations Log and record where, and when, your Mac has been used, with map-based viewing. Realtime-Spy's real-time viewers allow you to monitor and view what is happening on your computer as it happens, from anywhere. Real-time Keystroke Viewing View what the user of your Mac is typing as they are typing.

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Real-time Screenshot Viewing View your Mac's screen from anywhere; see what the user does as they do it. Real-time Activity Viewing View the user's activities in real-time, as they occur. Realtime-Spy's Activity and Visual Overviews allow you to instantly see what has been, and what is happening on your Mac.

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Activity Overview Quickly view a graph and report showing the selected computer's or all computers' activities for the current day, and overall. Visual Overview View a tiled gallery displaying the desktop of each Mac that you are monitoring with the most recent screenshots shown: easily observe what is happening on each of your Macs in one viewer. Graphical reporting allows you to see the most popular and common activities on a computer, or all computers at once, in seconds.

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Application Usage View the most used applications by session, and overall usage. Computer Usage View the most active and idle users of your Mac.

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Online Searches View the most popular online searches performed. Locations View the top locations where your Mac was used. Windows View the top windows used, by number of uses and application. Real-time Alerts allow you to receive notifications when unwanted behaviors occur.

Detect unwanted activity and respond immediately. Watches for Keywords Specify keywords for Realtime-Spy to watch for in applications and websites used, as well as keystrokes typed.