Trojan spyware for blackberry

There have been about four samples of Zitmo that targets BlackBerry smartphones, while there is currently only one variation targeting Android smartphones.

Zitmo attacking BlackBerry smartphones was uncovered to be contained within 3 different. Zitmo attacking Android smartphones uses one primary. For now, researchers have uncovered Zitmo to mostly target European countries.

Android spy trojan

The command and control servers, an essential part of a Botnet and where it gets its instructions from, are in Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. Researchers also mention that the Android version of Zitmo has a self-issued certificate data from last month. Proof in concept, researchers believe that the Android application was developed less than a month ago.

With these findings, it is possible that a new development of mobile botnets could be on the horizon.

Zitmo (Zeus-in-the-mobile) Trojan Attacks Android and Blackberry Smartphones

Zeus in its form for attacking computers became a worldwide epidemic at one time. With Zitmo's reach across the smartphone platform isle, Zeus-in-the-mobile could have twice the effect that the original Zeus had. Think of it as hitting twice as many targets with half of the ammo or firepower. Name required. Email will not be published required.

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Zitmo Zeus-in-the-mobile Trojan Attacks Android and Blackberry Smartphones Could you imagine a threat as destructive as Zeus , one of the most popular botnets in the world responsible for robbing thousands of online banking customers over the Internet, having a mobile version designed to attack the Android and Blackberry smartphone operating systems? For SpyHunter technical support requests, please contact our technical support team directly by opening a customer support ticket via your SpyHunter.

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DualToy: New Windows Trojan Sideloads Risky Apps to Android and iOS Devices

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Spyware programs drain your battery of power as they are always running and sending out data. If you notice a sudden drop in battery life, this may be due to an infection.

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Check the notifications on your BlackBerry. Certain spyware programs make secretive calls will briefly set off the notification.

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If your notification is going off and you are not receiving emails or calls, this may be caused by a spyware infection. Listen carefully to the audio transmissions during your calls for clicks or odd noises. Some BlackBerry spyware applications use live interception features to listen in on calls and you will hear a click or tone when the interception feature is initiated. Video of the Day. How to Reduce iPhone Usage Costs. Share on Facebook.

Step 1 Check your monthly bill from your service provider.